Capturing radio software?

When we capture the streaming radio on EAC, are we capturing the original digital info, or what your soundcard produces?

If the second, the quality is degraded, depending on the quality of your soundcard - meaning I should upgrade my soundcard to 192/24.

or is the captured signal the original digital info streamed?

If EAC doesn't do that, is there a way to capture the original digital info, without loss of quality? Hopefully in a wav file.

Thanks in advance...
I'm not sure what you're talking about here, but in general, you do not need any more resolution than whatever you're capturing. In the case of streaming radio, that's maybe 128kbps max. 192/24 would be an absurd level of overkill. Even WAV (44.1/16) would be far more than adequate.
So downloading music files will yield better quality?