Captive cord mod, need some thoughts...........

I have a Rotel 960bx (60 watts) in a second system.
Its a dual mono amp.
It has an 18ga captive cord with polarized plug.
The cord is soldered to a ciruit board internally.
I am wanting to try to replace the whole cord from board to plug with some 16-14ga wire (Furutech 314ag?).

I am not really interested is using a IEC because I do not want to go from 18ga stock cable, to IEC, and then to another cable.
Captive = 1 less connection also.

Wondering if the 16-14ga. wire could be soldered to the board without harming it?
I will look into getting it soldered by someone with more skill than myself.
Anyone ever try this?

Any recommendations on a good 16-14ga wire for this mod?
Will decent speaker wire work (bulk Cardas, AQ Type 4?)?

Any help will be appreciated.
Simply check out DIY "Clearview Double Helix AC Power Cord Kit" to connect to a pig tail of your existing hard wired power cord the higher quality Mapleshade PC.
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An idea which is apparently unique to Pierre Sprey.
His idea works to improve the performance, even though it seems like magic since it does not totally remove your original wiring.
Pep21 you said you did not want to go to an IAC outlet . I have had 5 or 6 IAC plugs put in lower end components , and it is buy far the best solution . Sound is significantly improved and you can fine to the sound with different cords . I don' t no why you would want to do it any other way .
The cost to put in the IAC plugs was under $100 in most cases . Happy listening . MAX
Never seen the inside of the Rotel amp so it is hard to say for sure. I did a similar project on a Sony 707ES integrated amp a few years ago. It was not a difficult task to remove the 18 gauge cord and solder in a 14 gauge. The new cord was not a perfect fit through the hole but it worked fine. Just be sure polarity is correct.
Now the big question. Did it improve the sound? Can't say I noticed any difference.
I've done this sort of thing many times. I personally can't understand why on a power amp 18 ga. cord would be used, especially on a Rotel amp. I've owned your amp and presently have two Rotel amps, a 951 MkII and an earlier 951. This is a good upgrade and worth doing. Observe polarity as mentioned earlier. On the MkII amp have an Furatech IEC and on the other a 16 ga. lamp cord soldered on. This would be my advice, if you're not going to do the work, sell the amp and upgrade to a Rotel amp which has a IEC plug already there. If you're going to pay someone for the work. If you decide to attempt, forget the Belden 14 ga. hard-wired idea. This is what I would use. Carol Cable "Seoprene" SJTOOW either 16 or 14ga. The 16g. you could get in a two conductor but the 14 ga comes only in 3 conductor, at least @ my local hardware store. Since you're amp (I believe) is not grounded, the 16 ga. 2/C would be fine and dandy. The heavier ga. wire would be overkill. Use ONLY this type of wire. It sounds very good. You'll also need a rubber grommet which will fit perfectly in the hole where your stock plug was mounted. If you're worried abot soldering directly on to the board, maybe just do a splice or add male/female connectors? I know you mentioned the "one less" solder idea. Good Luck! Hope this helps! Bill