Captain Crunch decoder ring for findind audiophile quality CD recordings

I have recently added the beautiful sounding Primaluna Prologue Eight CD player to my system.  I now want to add CDs to my collection that can take advantage of this new world of high quality CD playback the Primaluna provides. The Primaluna highlights any shortcomings in the CD recording process so i need to be able to identify well recorded material. So heres the question, what is the Captain Crunch Decoder Ring when reading a CD "liner material information" that will identify a high quality recording?

Loudness Wars website referenced above -

Search for the recording you are interested in and make note of the UPC and date released (in general, dynamic range began to suffer after 1998). Take that info to eBay or Discogs, which are my main sources. Acoustic Sounds is a good place for 24-bit FLAC or DSD, but these also need checked out before purchase.

You can obtain your own dynamic range meter to test your own recordings, the DR website provides instructions. 
"Talking Timbuktu" is a good one.

Hadn’t listened to it for a while, discovered it again the other day.
From The Polarity List, sample CDs

R = Reverse Polarity
From George Louis’ the Polarity List

Analogue Productions R
Analogue Productions – FI The Magazine of Music & Sound R
Deutsche Grammophon R
WARNER BROS. Records, Inc (Phonogram Ltd.) – Dire Straits – Love Over Gold R
Proprius R
Proprius – Jazz at the Pawnshop R
Proprius – Contate Domino R
Opus 3 R
Opus 3 – Depth of Image Test Record 1 R
Mercury Living Presence R
Chesky R
Clarity Recordings R

One of the most consistent labels I've found (providing you like Baroque style classical material) is just about everything on Archiv.  It's all 16/44 but the engineering is, at least for my ears- superb.  Reference Recordings are limited but HDCD or not, also super good. Some swear by Telarc, some hate Telarc- but I like it.  Chesky's are good but not a lot of material.  
    Captain Crunch has too much sugar content, but I once bought a big box of Kellogg corn flakes so I could get the match-book stock-car inside.  It was worth it, though- fast little thing- state of the art!