Caps upgrade in the NAF amplifier

I am contemplating an upgrade to my NAF Legend-II amplifier (replacement of 0.47uf coupling caps).
1. Are V-Caps and Mundorf caps similar (in terms of dynamics, transparency, sonic signature, etc.) or they have nothing in common?
2. The NAF amplifier has PCBs inside. Is it a problem for a newbee to mess with the soldering iron when caps are mounted to a PCB? Is it a problem in general to unsolder the stock caps from a PCB and to solder replacement caps to a PCB?

Thanks for recommendations.
Normally unsoldering/soldering caps are easier to/from PCB vs. point to point wired. Precautions should be taken to surrounding and replacement components from overheating. Caps are often rated for a specific peak temperatures. Choose solder that melts at lower temperatures. It will give you a possibility to assemble parts faster and therefore shorter heat exposure. The Kester from Parts Express is the best one for PCB projects. You should also use desoldering device in order to safely remove components from PCB.
I agree with Marakanetz, make sure you use solder wick or such to remove solder cleanly, most likely from the rear.
As far as the Caps, both are very good. They sound a bit different. The VCaps have a more refined edge, where the Mundorf silver & Gold are a bit richer.... Both are fast & smooth.
For what its worth, I have bought a bunch of Russian teflons and poly styrenes on ebay. They are both wonderful, in the range of the above caps and crazy cheap. .47 Teflons might be $20 or less each, Styrenes, much less. For the cost, I'd recommend trying these. They require a fair amount of burn in, but are certainly in the league of some very well known caps.
Thank you!