Caps upgrade for Cary SLI-80

I will appreciate opinions of all SLI-80 owners who upgraded its caps for Jensen paper-in-oil or others, etc. What are sonic differences?

Thanks for all opinions,

Upscaleaudio about Jensen oil and copper capacitors:"Gives you the midrange we crave by giving you a more pleasing midband, while increasing clarity & texture".
I'm in search for technical details: Which capacitors to replace and with which Jensen type.
I never heard the before and after on my Sli80, as I got mine with upgraded caps. However, I have upgraded caps in all tube amps, and the benefit has always been very noticeable and worthwhile.

However, you can do a lot better than a Jenson for the price.

I installed V-caps two years ago but I don't remember whether they surpassed my previous Jensens CIO's or not. Jensens were sweeter and more airy, while the V-caps have better bass and a sonic signature reminiscent of Class A SS amplifiers.