Caps Jantzen Standard--z vs ClarityCap ESA

have any of you compared these two capacitors?
what are the tonal differences?
Thanks in advance.
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I haven’t heard the ESA, but I have tried the Jantzen in a few amps. It is very nice for the money, but not the best. For me it gets tonality right with its level of body and warmth, but it does so with the slightest veil in the midrange and rounding off on the top end.

There’s a massive capacitor shootout here where the writer includes both caps in the assessment. I regard to this as my bible for capacitor info.

My personal favorites these days are the Miflex KPCU, Auricap XO, and the Mundorf Silver Gold Oil. Oh, Audyn True Copper Max are really good too but hard to find.
Where are you looking to use them?
hi, thank for your anwer ;)
i’m agree with you for very noticeable veil in the low midrange (not slight for me).
the top end seems slight rounding off, but the mid-high add very evident sparkle and mid low are recessed.
to me the standard has a loudness sound with recessed mid-low and advanced mid high.
are you agree ?

do you never tried them in crossover filter ?

i use them in passive crossover filters
I haven’t used them in crossover filters, only inside amplifiers. Definitely look into the Miflex caps if you can afford to. They’re incredible for the money, and available at 
what model ?
do you compared vs standard ?

The Miflex KPCU line is great - 01 if you need 600VDC, 03 is just as good if you can get away with 250VDC. They are available from Parts Connexion and Sonic Craft. 
Compared to the Jantzen there is no veil whatsoever. The Miflex are tighter, meatier, cymbals are crisp and with air. Completely organic and non-fatiguing while amongst the best in resolution. They’re incredible.