Caps for tweeters under $300

I acquired a pair of LSA 2's in a trade, had the ribbon tweeter floorstander version in the past and always liked LSA sound. These aren't my main speakers so experimenting is not such a big concern just can't blow to much $ on them. They came with stock standard soft dome and ring radiator from seller. I'm using ring radiator which is known to be a little tipped up. I had to decrease resistor value to balance everything, now sounds better than soft dome.  Then I tried to save money and put  4.7 and 8.2 Sonicap, there very detailed but don't find them musical or a good match with ring radiator. I did put a path resistor on tweeters and mills everywhere else, and a solid copper rewire. I would like to make them very smooth relaxed but sill detailed. Will be used with el84 amp. I'm new to speaker modding so could use any guidance or help. The one's I'm looking at are mundorf supreme around $170 or Clarity cap at $270. I could add a 1. Mundorf S/G bypass caps to Mundorf for$100 and still be at Clarity cap price point. I'm just not sure about bypass concept for good or bad. I'm open to any suggestions, thanks for any help.


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Clarity CSA are darker, CMR are most open.

Mundorf Supreme's are very colorful at the top, scintilating. Depends on what you want them to sound like.

Mundorf MKPs are cheap, but smooth and very dark.
The CMRs are the best "reasonably priced" caps I know of. At > 5uF, add a copper foil 0.1 uF

The Mundorf supremes are too complicated to call them "bright." They add color and pop at the top end, like film that is over saturated in color. A Disney like quality which is not natural but some really like it. B&W and Magico put them in their top end speakers for this reason.
Oh, but FTR, Clarity is a little "splashy" first few days.
Wimas are super over sold.

Paul, CMR is NOT bright or analytical.

If you are using values over 5uF, use an Audyn TruCopper 0.1uF bypass cap.

The CSA is also not a bad cap at all if you want to save.

The TC opens up the upper mids. But it is only useful if you are using CMRs of larger values (5uF or bigger).

If you use smaller caps I can't hear a diff, but this was done in a crossover, with different caps in different locations, so you may benefit depending on exactly where it is.

The point is, as you found out, they are inexpensive, so very much worth experimenting with.