Caps for the Crossovers on Bozak Symphony B-4000

Who would like to bid on replacing the crossover caps on my 1967 Bozak Symphony B-4000 8-Ohm speakers? I can remove them and ship to you. I'm in San Diego. Speakers sound great to me, but I'm a senior citizen and have read that capacitors don't last forever and am wondering what best type and spec caps to get. 

Thanks for any help you can lend.

Andy Andrews
Hello.....the capacitors are the last item that can stop your speakers/system from sounding its best.  I recently replaced all the capacitors on my Volti Audio crossovers, and the results are much better than the words I am using to describe the sound.....they sound wonderful.  Of course, you have to know what a very good capacitor is.  After months of getting my knowledge up to par, I purchase Jantzen Audio Superior-Z capacitors from Parts Express.  These are very good, well balanced capacitors.  Swapping the capacitors out for new ones may seem a bit daunting at first, but take your time, it really is easy.  There are a bunch of things we can do to improve our systems, with out spending a boatload of cash, and this is one of the first you should consider.  Certainly something to be done before the merry-go round of amps/preamps is considered.
Hi Andy, if you don't find someone to help you at a reasonable cost within a few weeks, I'll help you out. 
Hi Andy,  Hopefully you found someone to do this.  If you haven't and have an interest, PM me.  I could probably do them in a couple of weeks.