Caps for Soundstream DA-1

I recently aquired a Soundstream DA-1 amp.  I've listened to them in the past and always been impressed.  So,  I get this one in and find out that two of the big 17000uf electrolytic caps are cracked and completely drained.  Anyone have any recommendations on replacements (manufacturer, source)?  Should I go larger?  Maybe 22000uf?  Suprisingly, I'm not finding much info on refurbishing or improving this amp on the Internet.  

Anything would be appreciated.

Specs on the cap is 17000uf, 80V DC, 85 degree C, 100 VDC max surge.
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I have some smaller 12000 75v volt cde.. Would prolly work. Solder pins on top. Two for 13$ shipped.  Yours prolly needs the bolts.  What kind of crack?  They may still be ok... Typically they push out a plug on the top, a little round hole.. I guess people will say they go bad in time etc lifespan, General maintance to replace..  I've replaced a bunch of perfectly fine caps in my time..
Check digikey or mouser pick the voltage 75, 80, 100v then weed it down with some uf sizes then click on the high ripple current, then observe size and connections
You are correct that mine are the screw in type.  And as for the cracks, they go completely across the top of the caps.  It looks like someone hit the power rail that runs between the caps with a hammer.  I’m thinking that what happened was the amp was packaged upside down and at some point was dropped.  While the packaging kept anything from being dented or bent, the inertia was enough to force the screws connecting the caps to the rails back up into the caps, thus cracking the plastic.  

I did buy some Nichicon 22000uf caps at the correct voltage and temp values, from Mouser that should be here on Friday.  They weren’t cheap.  $48 each.  So with shipping for all 4 caps, it is just under $200.   I’ll get them installed and see what happens.  After that it will be replacing the other smaller caps, swapping in copper power rails for the aluminum ones, beefing up the internal AC wiring, and adding an IEC plug so I can use a proper power cord. The stock power cord is way undersized 16 gauge zip cord.  And then lastly upgrading the RCAs and speaker connections. 

It’s going to be an interesting project.  I’m probably going to document the refurbishment and post the results as I go through each step.  

And if it goes well, then I’ll tackle a mid 1980’s first generation Nakamichi PA-7 stasis amp.  And it has four 33000uf caps on the power side.  :-).