Capitol Audio Fest Feedback

Hi All,
 Attended my first Audio show CAF in DC area this weekend. WOW ! 1.2 million dollar system to my ears was just OK. Curious what others feel were the best in show.
For me it was room 305 highlighting the Bache Tribeca -001 speakers driven by modest electronics.
Although I also loved the Salk room w/ the Exogal Comet DAC and Song3 Beats speakers.
Did anyone else hear either of these; curious of your thoughts post the event.
Thanks, Much Peace and happy Listening,
I've heard Salk speakers at CAF since the first show and was kinda meh.   I noticed they did  sound very good this year.
I have no practical interest in tower floor standing speakers for any of my rooms at home so I did not pay attention to most at the show this year.
Congrats at joining the traveling caravan of audiophiles.

These shows can be a lot of fun. 

You will find that you will always find a few unexpected gems and a lot of really expensive systems that either sound good or not good enough for the massive outlays required.

The big Vac/Von Schweikert room is a golden example of still having way too big a room even with $300k plus speakers. that system would have sounded amazing in a large but more realistically sized room.

Heard the Salks they were okay, stunning wood work with good drivers, but for $6-7k the Legacy Signatures were sounding better.

The surprise for us was the Muir Audio Omin Electrostatic speakers which were sounding fantastic even in a tiny room.

Bache is a talented designer and his speakers always sound good.

The TAD ME 1 were very impressive as they always are. 

We were not blown away by the Quad setups, the speakers are awesome we sell the Z and S models and the Quad electronics are very good, not sure if it was the sources, the wiring, or the room positioning the sound was good, but the speakers are so much better.

The new Kef R were very impressive for a $2,800.00 pair of loudspeakers with a deep tight bass response which was surprising for the size of the speakers. 

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

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