what would be the best place to replace. Power amp or in cross overs in speakers. I have chip B&W 602s3s and a rotel1075. How much should I spend or not please help
Why do you want to replace the capacitors? Are your power amp and speaker malfunctioning?
I believe some B&W's use Bennic(Dayton) caps.

What kind of sound are you looking for? What's your budget?
thanx for response just want more detail,air,a little tighter bass,and smoother highs. I know I'm asking for a miracle. I heard upgrading capacitors helps a lot please help
I've looked at parts express,vcaps,and Sophia caps, rather invest in upgrade than buy speakers.To many options need help. Does anyone have knowledge on this
My experience suggests changing out loudspeaker caps first is biggest bang for buck. Don't listen to the naysayers, changing out caps can result in great improvements.

As far as cost, the best is going to cost dearly, lots of choices at lower price points. You need to determine which caps are presently used, what sonic improvements you're looking for and budget.
If you have some DIY( Do-it-yourself) experience and are handy with a soldering gun, replacing a couple of caps should be an easy afternoon of fun for you. get access to the cross-over network. Determine the capacitance and voltage of the caps in there for the woofer and tweeters( if 2-way design) There is another site called Madisound that specializes in speaker cross-over parts you can order from for cap replacement. Their website is:

Be careful and have fun.
I recently rebuilt the crossovers on my Kestrels - pretty simple circuit - my first DIY venture - but as Sns points out it isn't a cheap date by the time you redo caps, inductors, resistors, internal wiring, binding posts - I have nearly as much in the rebuild as I paid for the (used) speaks - moral being look carefully before you leap
Was the crossover rebuild worth it to you in improved sound quality?
checked crossovers there is two caps a 6.8uf and a 10.uf. Looking at budget anywhere from $10 to $45.Do not know which is any good on B&Ws. Want them to be more clear than harsh especially on vocals
With that budget for those size capacitors I don't think you'll find happiness. The best quality, relatively low priced caps I've heard are the Jantzen Z-Superior copper caps, $44 a piece in 10uf value. Available at
Sherod -

no question that the sound is improved - 100%? - probably not but I was lucky enough and had smart enough advisors that it enhanced what was already there - it didn't change the character of the speakers - in other words there was no startling now you hear it, now you don't kind of moment.

I suspect the main reason for this was the attention paid to everything that went in the crossover. To Sns point, it takes really good parts to improve on a good design.

I got my moneys worth and more out of doing it. Sourcing everything, creating a workbench, consulting on the parts, learning how to do it - that was all tremendously satisfying.

The fact that they work, much less sound better is just a bonus LOL
If you want them to be less harsh, I would avoid Solen like the plague.

You should look into Sonic Caps. IMO, they're the best bang for the buck out there.
looking at sonic caps and clarity caps. for money I think there about the best buy. like last response I want less harsh speakers to increase clarity