Capacitor upgrade for AAD 2001 Monitors

Hello everyone... I broke down and pulled my AADs apart. I would appreciate suggestions on cost effective solutions for an upgrade here that will keep me within the $200-250 price range. Stock caps are T&T MKP at .5 uf, 1uf, 3uf, 18uf. Also, there are four larger ceramic pieces in there that I believe might be resistors but I've never seen anything like them before. There's a label on one that says "10W 6RJ". I don't know if I should mess with these or replace them as well. I don't exactly want to mess with the inductors either so my main focus will be caps and hook-up wire. If anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate them as I am also having a hard time finding caps that match the stock specs (tolerance notwithstanding).