capacitor upgrade

Hi, i have Shenda music van tube cd player, and i want to change the tube coupling capacitor. the standard one using wima MKP 10 and i think it is non polarized. how can i change to capacitor which is polarized?
I don't understand why you want to change from non-polarized to polarized, don't need to. Also, film caps, which are a worthwhile upgrade, are all non-polarized.
A WIMA MKP is a way better choice than any polarized cap.

I'm very new in electronics so i have to learn a lot.

i have a plan to change the wima mkp with mundorf Mcap supreme. is it non polarized?

could you guys let me know what brands and type which is film type (maybe just your favorite capacitor)and their sound? so i don't have to worry about the polar.

Thanks you guys can help me.
Mundorfs are non-polarized, forget the whole polarized thing.

Other film caps to consider:
Mundorfs-all models, great extension on top, very high resolution
VH Audio V-Caps, even higher resolution, very even-handed tonality, pricey
Jantzen Z-Superior Copper-the best 'price conscious' cap I've tried, actually very good at any price, great extension on top
Duelund VSF Copper- best of the best, totally natural, just sounds like music, pricey and only come in lower voltage ratings

The only thing you need to watch is voltage rating, make sure it is high enough for application. Coupling caps in CD player shouldn't be a problem as these are likely low voltage, any of these caps (or other film caps) should be fine. You'll find present voltage rating on Wima caps.
which one that has a thick mid and smooth high?
Duelund is the smoothest, most natural hands down. Doesn't have thick mids, just natural, no colorations I can detect. Duelunds have won every cap shootout I've seen, out of this world priced Audio Notes only cap in contention for top honors. You can't go wrong with the Duelunds, problem is affording and fitting them.
i just checked the price but the price is wayy... over my budged. my budget is less that $100 for 3.3 microfarad, it would be great if you can suggest me other brand.

but maybe i will consider audionote copper foil. any input for the sound?
The good Audio Notes I'm talking about are more expensive than the Duelunds.

I assume you have two coupling caps to replace. In lower price range, Jantzen Z-Superior Copper is best I've tried. Next lowest in price, Mundorf Silver in oil.

And if your serious about wanting a 'thick' mid, try the Audience Auricap, most bloomy mids I've heard, relatively cheap as well.
thanks Sns for the info, it help me a lot.