Capacitor replacement for Jamicon 25 volt

Hi, can you all please help me find a compitable JFX capacitor or better capacitor to replace my Jamicon 25volt capacitor, this thing is trash.  I am so confused with the technicality of it.  Ie.  Jamison is typically 250 volt or more. Research says not to go over the limit.  If I can't use that one any recommendations.However competent with the mechanical aspect of it.  


What’s it for? The upper voltage rating doesn’t really matter as long as it's higher than specified. 

Any of these Nichicon are an improvement. If the existing cap is rated 25v 85°, go for 63V 105°C and you should be fine. Check for size.

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It’s for the onkyo TX-RZ50 for HT. Everyone has been raving over it m, after research I bought it. It is unenvolving with no emotion or life, very stale. I dont get it. It’s made with the cheapest parts ever. It uses 5 cent power cords and has a 3 cent hdmi cord connecting to the arc hdmi internally, the shoes are plastic. I am using lessloss powercables, changed out Internal HDMI to iceage 2.1 hdmi, I sound proof it, waiting for Gold or Rhodium wattage iec that are cryo but these will not improve the sound signature or will it?  Looking for suggestions.I have very engaging fronts and center channel but the receiver is not doing it. When I look at the Capacitor I saw a little hope. I am not familiar with resistors and etc.

I think you'll be frustrated trying to apply audiophile standards to HT.  My 2 channel system is all high end and custom.  My HT system is just barely above Amazon when it comes to cables.  I do use a good power cable (like ice age) but the amps in the price range you're looking are not great.  I upgraded from onkyo to denon a few years back and am very happy.  Been very happy with movies lately.  However, I do have 3 sets of very easy to drive floor standing speakers surrounding the listening position.  I'm thinking of upgrading again, some have recommended marantz, perhaps the cinema 50.

But you can't improve any component with good cables.  All you can do is get cables that don't degrade the performance of the equipment.  And if audiophile equipment is grade A/B, then unless you spend big bucks, HT equipment is grad C/D.   so if you amp is a C, your amp with a good cable is still a C.

That said, movies still sound great. 



I Get it, I just got everything out of storage and this was the first thing I’ve listened to in 5 years or so. When it comes to speakers, Capacitor can induce a new sound signature with Elac debut 2.0 b6.2

My expectations was much higher from the review.

I can recomend Cornell Dubilier capacitor 383lx series. They sound good in power supply and have a huge number of voltages and values.

Nichicons are good too. I also agree than 63v is better than 25v if there is enough place in box. 63v from the same series have smaller cos Phy versus 25v.

That is a great question. I really appreciate you guys help and will look into those caps.    I will need to detached the card it's attached to.  It's the black cap pictured at the bottom in the Bic.

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Thanks for your suggestions.   @at Jason  I won't wait my time elaborating AGAIN on non help intent!  I can see you may not be comprehending thoroughly which is not important to me!  Anyway,  That Jamison cap is a electrical cap.  Don't know if that will be worth it?

@noromance i have been out the game and new to ht.  All of this was no hear and pure reviews.  I am not aware of HT gear and was expecting more since their were so many reviews on this unit.  Had I known I would have save up for something else but what??  Which is the question, this was the best Ive researched for HT and reason I bought it.  Supposed to be the creme de le creme in HT.  Anyway keeping it in perspective, this is HT.  

Qui k update.  I finished modding the Onyko tx-rz50. Changed out all the cheapy parts, soldering and all. This is a first class component, the video was already good, now it has Rich vibrant Colors and 3d imaging really impressive.  The audio hold its own with a very low noise floor.  Pretty black.  It might not have the most lushful sound but very clean, black and very nice detail.  Worth the head ache to upgrade.

@dabarrie  Good to hear. Interesting the improvement to video. I've seen this myself with a change of HDMI cable.