Capacitor question

I have BAT VK-150se amps powering SF Amati Homage speakers. I replaced the stock BAT/Jensen POI caps with CuTF V-Caps. There is a lot more detail now, however, the sound is thinner, brighter and fatig
Charles1dad - The electrolytics in the stock amps are absolutely standard for something at this power level and price point. To my knowledge, BAT isn't a nonprofit organization.

Recently, I needed to repair one amplifier due to one electrolytic failing; decided to replace all. Panasonic TS-ED's were substituted. I used these a lot at work. The proverbial bee's knees; audiophile designer electrolytics are trivially better and preposterously more $.

I have no doubt that an all film PS would be a noticeable upgrade, but would cost well north of $1k for a pair of VK-120s, which I just can't swing right now. Audio dollars being spent on building a Vacuum State RTP-3D =)
Hello, Dave. First of all, I wouldn't panic - as the nature of the teflon dielectric is that it needs some time to settle-in. The exact mechanism that causes this with teflon dielectrics is unknown, but is well documented with Teflon insulated (or more properly referred to as Fluropolymers like FEP, PFA, PTFE etc...) cables/wire, also.

Things should settle down near the 60-100 hour mark, and then will continually improve from there. This improvement isn't linear however, and there may be a 'two steps forward, one step back' progression as you move through the process. Full break-in is achieved at 400-500 hours. It's worth the wait, and many customers have noted they ENJOY this journey through burn-in.

IF this issue persists at the 400-500 hour mark, I would encourage you to revisit your speaker positioning (toe-in / rake angle). I recently had a V-Cap customer note a similar experience, and it was determined that his original speaker positioning was overcompensating for the dullness of the previous oil caps in his amps. Once the speakers were dialed in for the 'new' balance, he was floored at the improvement.

Good luck, and please shoot an update to the group, once you've moved closer to the 400-500 hour mark, and have re-tweaked your speakers.
Hello Cathode,
My question was based on curiosity and considering value/sonic performance cost ratio.No BAT is`nt a non profit organization,that was`nt my point at all(I`m a strong supporter of capitalism and free enterprise by the way).My perspective is why not use the better sounding film caps in the power supply and charge accordingly.The companies can get better pricing on these parts than an individual buying in the aftermarket. For example my 300b SET has an all film power suuply and retails for less than the BAT(I assume a profit margin is factored into my amplifier)If my assumption is wrong then I stand corrected.I see amplifiers and speakers that are 20,000 dollars and higher that sometimes use1- 2 dollar caps or cheap resistors(some companies, certainly not all). It just seems in 'some' cases they could select higher quality parts that`s all.
Hi Jallen,
You know people who directly compared V-Caps to Duelund(CAST or VSF versions) and preferred the V-Cap 'sonically' or in terms of relative value?