Capacitor question

I have BAT VK-150se amps powering SF Amati Homage speakers. I replaced the stock BAT/Jensen POI caps with CuTF V-Caps. There is a lot more detail now, however, the sound is thinner, brighter and fatig
Dgarretson, i`m some what surprised that an amplifier at this price level would use "14" inexpensive electrolytic capacitors.I can imagine the film caps would be much better sounding.
Charles1dad, I'm not familiar with every BAT product, but their SE-series tube preamps have offered optional parallel bundles of PIO film caps to bypass or replace select electrolytics. This option has not been available in VK tube amps, but REX may have it. However, an all-film power supply should surpass it, assuming no cost or size constraints. IME the power supply of a VK tube amp is enhanced with addition of film cap bypass and discrete Schottky rectifiers-- sounding cleaner and faster without sacrificing the smoothness of tubes. Ditto after replacing the stock PIO interstage coupling caps with V-Cap or my own ClarityCap MR. However some owners-- perhaps the OP is among them-- may prefer the silkier and prettier twinkle of the house sound.

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Thanks for all the replies.

When I posted this I had about 200 hours on the V-caps so they are partially broken in. Will another 200 hours of burn-in really improve the sound that much?

Maybe I should look at changing my cables. I'm currently using Clear Day double shotgun speaker cables and Nordost Purple Flare interconnects. I would really like to get rid of the glare. I would like the system to sound more like music and less hifi.
Don't change your cables just yet. Yes another 300 hours will make a difference.
I second grannyrings opinion. My amp went from being boat anchor material to reference level playback. I have several friends with the same and some with different caps and we do comparisons. The v-caps are reference level to my ears and they have ended my search for a better cap. The first 200 hours gets them barely listenable, the next 300 take them to the next level. I have little interest in spending 500-900.00 or more per cap from Audio Note or Dueland, especially when I hear of others who do the comparison and go back to the VCap. They could be considered a bargain considering what some are asking for their caps.
Get ready for some fun. Jallen