Capacitor Help

I need to replace a couple of 4.3uf 200vac capacitors used in the cross over of B&W 685 speakers.I can find 4.3uf 250 vac but they are made by Dayton and Solen caps are 400 vac.
Is it ok to replace with a 400 vac cap?Any thoughts on Dayton or Solen Caps?
As long as you go higher in vac value, you're fine. I think the Solens are probably better caps than the Daytons.
Agree any voltage higher is fine. that voltage is the maximum voltage the caps can handle. and not a minimum or anything.
As long as the value of capacitance is the same(important in X-overs) you're OK. VAC is a maximum breakdown voltage that has nothing to do with performance.
"Any thoughts on Dayton or Solen Caps?"

Too grainy for use in the high frequency circuit. Clarity ESA would be a good choice.