Dear friends I am interested to upgrade my caps in the tube preamp from Audio theta tin foil 3uf200VDC to Miflex1uf 240VDC copper foil what are your thoughts will reducing the value to 1uf affect the bass and frequency response or should I go with a higher value than 3uf  
Could be a good thing that all of you believers of " snake oil " can answer for your self this questions:

What looks any electronic/speaker designer when choose passive and active parts in his design? what is looking the designer for the audio item performance? ( obviously that at choosed price point. ).

He has several targets but at the end and due that his audio items are for sale he looks for an audio item design that over time been and be STABLE suffering the lower time degradation he can achieve at his price point.

Boutique resistors, capacitors, fuses and the like not only are not stable ( all of you confirm it when talk of " burn-in " ) but " could or can change or change the overall audio item stability ( as a fact exist a risk for the audio items. ) an its designed operation conditions.

Again, no audio system can improves what is in the recording what recording microphones pick-up, only can degrade the audio signal.

COMMON SENSE is the name of the game not our imperfect and limited aged ears capacities.


When a person dies, he feels no pain. All the pain is felt by the people in the deceased persons sphere; the people who interacted with the deceased and are now left behind. The deceased is blissfully unaware of the pain his passing causes. 

The arrogant and conceited is much the same. The big difference is that the deceased dies but once. The arrogant and conceited knows no frontiers, he will never be satiated as he believes his comments are appreciated and needed.

We really need a mute button.
"We really need a mute button."

Well folks have stopped responding to those posts directly , so he’s essentially talking to himself. When you are so ridiculously arrogant to tell people what they hear, select and prefer is wrong and misguided, that is pure foolishness and beyond the pale.

What annoys me is this thread is (was) a good thread to reference and very useful to me. Now it is ruined by these garbage posts that I need to skip over to find the sensible posts. 

He ruins it for everybody else. 
Well earlier in this thread you gave warning. Prophetic you certainly were.