Capacitance change in balanced connection?

Playing around today and switched my phono interconnects from rca to xlr. I have a VTI Scout and ordered an xlr  connection block a few months ago. To my surprise, the sound was veiled and lacked all energy. The rca cables that I took off was the Mogami 2549. The xlr cables were the Mogami 2534. I went with the 2534 due to the lower capacitance. What I didn’t realize is that the spec sheet provided separate values for balance and unbalanced connects.
My question is, does the capacitance increase with an xlr connection as demonstrated on the spec sheet from Mogami. This is the only reason I can determine the difference in sound since the 2534 jumps up 32pf/m going to balanced vs non balance. The 2549 doesn’t provide values for balanced so this is what’s confusing.

Am I missing something here and could someone provide insight.


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You might want to check to see if the balanced cable is wired as "star quad". I did return a  balanced phono cable which was wired parallel because it was easier for the technician to do to the din plug. The owner of the company assured me this would not happen again.