Capacative cable?

What makes a high capacitive cable? I ask because I have Xindak fs-gold cables (a silver/gold)foil cable and my amp acted up (got really hot). Sent in for repairs and nothing wrong--suggested my cables may have a capacitive issue. I did some quick searches and did not find a thread dealing whith what design features increase capacitvieness? (spelling?)
A capacitor is formed whenever you have 2 conductors separated by a dielectric. Since a cable fits that description, 2 wires with an insulator to keep them from touching, the cable will have some amount of capacitance. The amount is determined by the surface area of the conductors, how close they are together, and what dielectric is used. To increase capacitance use larger surface areas and put them closer together.

The capacitance of your cables is therefore determined by how they are constructed.
Thank you for your reply--so, A foil speaker wire--ie a flat ribbon--would have a higher Capacitance than a corresponding round wire? How does braiding of wire result in higher capacitance?
Maybe, it depends on the construction. 2 flat ribbons stacked on top of each other and very close together

would have a lot more capacitance than the same 2 ribbons side by side

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The manufacturer should be able to tell you the capacitance of the cable and you can then compare it to others to see if it is relatively high or low. I looked at their website and it doesn't say.
They are stacked, not side by side. Thanks for all your help. Bit of a mystery--I have a Simaudio W5-LE that became superhot in my sytem after a listening session--Came home after lunch (I leave the amp on all the time) and smelled hot plastic--needed oven Mitts to remove the amp from the system--sent in for repair, passes all tests just fine. I had the amp in my system for 3 weeks (purchased used here on audiogon).

I love the sound of the amp (or lack of any particular sound) so I think I will go back to my XLO Ultra 6 cables for a while just in case.
Well don't use those Xindak cables any more! Your amp has no feedback so it can't handle that sort of situation. This is one of the pitfalls of zero-feedback no one likes to talk about. Glad you didn't burn up your amp.

Yep--just ordered some Mapleshade golden helix plus--may see the xindak up for sale soon.