Capable Tech to service Infinity RS1b crossover?

~~~~Anyone know of a reputable tech who services the servo crossover. I have an extra one which needs repair.

Thanks in Advance!

Just The Facts
YES. BIll Legall at "Miller Sound Inc." in Lansdale Pa. is about the best speaker repair out there. He just happens to specialize in Infinity (he owns a few as his personal speakers)and can handle the crossovers as well. Although he is superb with any speaker repair/rebuild and is ridiculousy reasonable.
Hi All. I also have the Infinity RS-1B and have been looking for someone to help upgrade the servo x-over. A friend has a VERY modded RS-1B system and had the x-over upgraded by someone (I Believe) in Calif. He removed the power supply and replaced it with an outboard one. The crossover mod is one of the biggest improvements to this system.

Bbro....thaks for the info on Bill Miller.
Bbro...just googled and could not find? Do you have a contact?
Rick,I thought of you when I read this thread.Looks to be a real potential upgrade possibility!BTW,the mod our mutual friend had done took two years!The guy was SLOW,and some of us felt he(our pal) was on the verge of being duped.Yet,the mod guy came through with a winner!

Bill LeGall of Miller Sound (his own company) can be contacted at (215)412 7700. His email address is Bill has a pair of museum quality Infinity IRS V's ( actualy two sets of them)in which he reworked all the the servo's of every base driver on both of the two base towers. Amazing sounding system. He can perform magic from a simple refoaming and spiders to total crossover upgrades. About 1 1/2 years ago Bill was featured in a 6 moons article where the six moons editor did a tour of about 10 shops, artisans, collectors etc and Bill was described at the end of the article and considered the creme de la creme and referred to in the article as a "National Treasure". And he is fast and very reasonable.
I had owned an Infinity RSIIa which had a similar crossover box.
The parts inside are very poor (for audiophile) quality.
ALL the parts are common bits. Replacing the caps and diodes and resistors is easy for anyone who ever put any kit together.
For mine, i got the box schematics from Infinity, but I KNOW they will no longer do that for any customer.
When I asked, my speakers were only 5 years old, and they had to send a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy, that some tech had laying around! (I had both the crossover scematics and the crossover box scematics, now lost)
Anyway, ANYONE who is handy with a soldering iron can upgrade the parts in that box.
To upgrade the actual circuitry... Hmmm
Anyway, all the box does is extend the mid and low frequencies.
It is just a glorified tone control.
~~~~Thanks Bbro will contact Bill.

Hey Rick how's the 1b's with the Perreaux still shakin the house? I been using Sunfire Signature on bottom for a few years now, more than I could ever need.

Elizabeth, good to hear from you again. Yeah, got 1 heavily modded 1b c/o, 1 stock, and 1 ailing. Not a problem changing parts, though like you said, the servo circuitry can cause a few tears real fast if not up to snuff. Sold the other 3 sets of rs1b's Much more room now! May bring out the rs2a's and fire them up just for kicks!

Just The Facts
Hi Fbi...the Perreaux 3150 was an improvement over the Perreaux 2150. I still think your on the right track! The crossover (servo) is a major area that could improve the sound. I just had the RCA's cganged a few years ago and that made an improvement!!!