Canuck Kimber PBJ jumpers $16 bargain tweak

Budget Esoterica Review Magazine
March 2017

Canuck Kimber PBJ  jumpers with Neutrik Rean S352 rca plugs

If you are an audiophile who owns an integrated amp or receiver that utilizes amp-preamp jacks on the back  you owe it to yourself to upgrade the stock pins to either a stereo audio interconnect or amp-preamp "jumper" cables. The later is more practical if you like to keep your amp tidy in the back. The Canuck Kimber jumpers are only 5 inches long, so you won't have to worry about any long cables taking up space. The Kimber jumpers are available at Canuck Audio Mart from a well respected member who also sells his wares on Ebay. For under $16 USD plus shipping you are getting a pair of very well built and good sounding jumpers. Most audiophiles are familiar with the Kimber PBJ stereo interconnect, but what they don't  know is that they make for excellent jumpers also. I was even more impressed with the Kimber jumpers than i was with the regular stereo interconnect. The reason being for this, i am assuming, is because of the excellent Neutrik Rean rca plugs. I believe that even a different type of rca jack can contribute to the sound of an interconnect. It certainly seemed true in this case. 

For this review i would like to concentrate on two sonic characteristics that impressed me while listening to my Sears by Fisher stereo receiver with the Kimber PBJ jumpers installed. Number one, being the ability to make my Fisher receiver sound a little more tube-like. In fact, i compared the Fisher receiver with my Qinpu tube amp and i felt it was 70% there. The Police, Live Ghost In The Machine, dvd, is an excellent example to demonstrate the brassiness of the three piece jazz section that made this concert so enjoyable. It was easy to hear the similarities of the two amps. The Kimber jumpers made the bass tighten up as well as giving the receiver more of a "sense of control". I noticed this while listening to the drums on track number 7, "The Bed's Too Big Without You". I feel like the Kimber jumpers contributed to the similar tonal character i heard with both amps also. 

The second characteristic that impressed me was the ability of the Kimber jumpers to make my amp and speakers disappear and leave a sound stage that had sounds popping up all over the place. I noticed this while watching the dvd, "Rambo III". On chapter six i heard a pretty good sense of depth. Sounds were emanating from practically everywhere and i felt like the background noises were pushed forward and the small details were easier to hear with a better sense of presence. While watching chapter thirteen, i could clearly hear Rambo stabbing his knife into the sand checking for land mines. The synthesized drums in the background were slightly left of center and later positioned just to the left of the right speaker. Hearing the small details up front with a nice sense of presence really added to the excitement of watching this film. 

The Canuck Kimber PBJ jumpers are excellent low priced tweaks that will give you a surprising improvement in sound to your integrated amp or receiver. In my system i noticed better highs and lows with a tighter bass response.
It seemed to make the details easier to hear by bringing them forward with a slight improved sense of presence. 
Add to that an improvement in tonal color and excellent build quality with the Neutrik Rean rca plugs, and you have yourself a bargain tweak that i highly recommend. 

Reference Equipment

Sears by Fisher stereo receiver
Sony DVP-NS3100 ES
Virtue audio nirvana interconnect
Belden speaker cables
Dynex speakers
Target FS-50 speaker stands