Canton or Sonus Faber

Hi all,

Day in and day out it will be Pink Floyd being played.

Anybody had any experience with Canton 809DC or Sonus Faber Cremona bookshelfs?

Just days before I buy me a pair I am having second thoughts.

Thanks in advance!
I haven't heard the Canton's in over 20 years but I did audition the SF Cremora Auditor M's about a year and a half ago and I came extremely close to buying them until I heard the Dynaudio C1's. Very smooth with a surprising amount of bass. Just a hair too laid back in the mid's for me. Never listened to the non m's.
Hey Xti16,

I will be auditioning the Canton Ventos next week most probably. The guy has them hooked to a Bel Canto CD player through an Anthem Statement power amp. Being a creative director I come across a lot of audio studios and have heard a Dynaudio active speakers set up (forgot the model number) at this one studio. Quite awesome sound.

Thanks for the reply!
I've listened to the 890DC speakers a lot, mostly being driven by Rogue M150's. They are a fast, warmish speaker and I like them a lot. Actually, I've heard quite a few members of the Vento family, both current and one generation older, and I like their sound.

I do not have any experience with the Sonus Faber about which you also asked.
I shopped many months for a replacement for my Dynaudio 52SE speakers. I ended up getting a pair of the Sonus faber Cremona M Auditors + stands. I had listened to various Dynaudio models (1.4S, C1, Special 25) and other (Vienna Acoustic, B&W, Spendor). I kept coming back to the SF. The price for the SF were right after manufacturere and dealers discount. I am very happy with the purchase - still breaking in. The WAF is esquisite.
SF not ideal for rock imo
Koven - are you referring to the older models or the new M series?
Thanks a lot for the replies everyone!

My Canton audition is two days away. Cant wait! I'll drop in at the other dealer to see if he has the Sonus Fabers.

Thanks again!

Miner42 how much did you get the speakers and the stands for by the way?
Heard them both. The Canton seems to have a crisper highs(I like this) and the Sonus better lows. With a sub I lean to the Cantons without I lean to the SF

Both are great speakers
The speakers and stands retailed for $7000 ($5800 + $1200)- I was able to work it down to $5200 with tax ot the door.