Canton or ads small bookshelf spkrs? Which is better?

This is for a 2nd bedroom system.

It's been a very long time since I've heard small ads speakers that I don't remember what they sound like.  However, I just got rid of a pair of Canton Plus S speakers and was thinking of replacing them with something a little larger, either another slightly larger Canton or ADS.  

Please, before you start responding with all kinds of other recommendations that I truly do appreciate, I'm hoping that people with first hand experience with Cantons & ads speakers can weigh in.  

Sure, I'd love a pr of ProAc Tablettes, LS3/5a's, or some other great speaker but price is a concern, I'd like to stay under $250 for a pair & about 12" tall or less. I've always liked the looks of the ads & Canton speakers.

I look forward to your recommendations, thank you for reading.  
I always liked the ADS L200& L300. I can’t comment on the Canton
because I have never listened to them. BTW,Ebay always has listings for the ADS and Braun (same) for about $200 !
The Cantons aren't sweet sounding and disappear like a good British 2 way speaker does.  It's accurate, musical, and images very nicely, there's just something right about how it sounds.

I should add that I'll be using them with a 100 wpc Tandberg 3012 int amp.  
ADS do better on acoustic music than Canton which are a tad bright on strings . 
Hmmm, I didn't find my little Cantons bright at all.  

I've read that the L300's may be better sounding than the slightly larger L400's but the 400's are nicer aesthetically