Canton Karat floorstanding?

I spoke to a salesman today that said that the Canton Karat floorstanding speakers sound great for hard rock and metal. I am thinking about a Macintosh solid state amp powering some great speakers that have great bass. Anybody heard them or own them?

If not, what's a great speaker that will be playing hard rock/metal quite a bit, and occasionally ambient, alternative, some female vocals?
the karats rock

FWIW It has been a long time since I heard the Karat line, but I currently own the new Vento system from Canton and can say the one type of music they DO NOT do well is hard rock/metal.

The sound is very accurate, but slightly laid back and warm, not forward enough to be in your face like metal needs. YMMV but unless they are very different than the Vento's I doubt they would do well for this.