cantilever collapsed on Shure V-15 III

This is an earlier post but I lost the details and need the answer again . I looked in my threads but it wasn't there .
Where do I go for a replacement cantilever and stylus for the shure ? and what is the best one.

Shure V-15 type III

Thanks again , Alex B
If you enter the following phrase (without quotes), you will have your answer:

"Shure V15 Type III stylus"

I would recommend that you do something similar to this the next time you have a question. Why bother anyone else when the information is so readily available and easy to find?

My bad, enter the phrase mentioned into Google's Search box...

The info is probably here, but again, simple answer, buy the TOTL Jico SAS Stylus from LP Gear. Keep in mind, this uses a Boron Cantilever, so be careful about VTF settings, and follow Jico's recommended range. Mark
I've purchased items from in the past without problem.
Thanks all for the help
It seems the earlyer post got lost I have really looked for it . It is under the same title . I'd like to try the Jico. there's a stylus LP Gear offers for $50 for the MK III but can you compair them ?

Alex B
don't forget www dot needledepot dot com.
Maybe it's time to move on to an Audio Technica AT150MLx. It's a MicroLine stylus (similar if not identical to the Shure tip) and many feel it's overall superior to the V15. Plus it has the further advantages of being a better tracker, cheaper (at LPgear), and still in production.