Cannonball Adderly / Somethin' Else

So what's the best current pressing of this great classic on LP? It looks like there's several to choose from.
I'd bet on the Acoustic Sounds Blue Note 45 RPM Reissue, due to be released any day now.

This, based on the quality of this group of 45 RPM LP's I've received from Chad at Acoustic and Ron at Music Matters Jazz. The same creative team is handling both sets of reissues and they are absolutely amazing.

Several of the first ones released are already out of print. The not yet released Cool Struttin' from Music Matters Jazz and Cannonball's "Somethin' Else" from Chad will both be a sell out too.

If you buy "Struttin" and don't like it, you can sell it. Look 'em up at Ebay. One of the first releases from Music Matters (now out of print) recently sold for $300.00.
Classic did a 45rpm of 'Autumn Leaves' off this Lp and it is fantastic......i have a couple of copies of it. hopefully Chad's 45rpm of the whole album will be as good.