Cannonball Adderly's Fiddler on the Roof

After hearing Gwen Stefani's empty reading of "If I Were A Rich Man" for the umpteenth million time on the radio, I went running for this classic, a very different reading from the same text. Cannonball Adderly's Fiddler on the Roof, Capitol ST-11008, is a tremendous, straight-ahead blowing session featuring the core touring band that stayed with Cannonball for years. Charles Lloyd is radiant on tenor sax, perhaps less so on flute. Nat Adderly, as always, solid on cornet. Joe Zawinul is just terrific on piano and the band is rounded out with Sam Jones and Lou Haynes. If you are expecting an amalgam of jazz and Middle European folk melodies look elsewhere. This is main stream jazz based on Broadway show tunes. The ensemble horn playing is stellar. Perhaps not the best album by this band, but a welcome respite from Gwen's incessant perkiness. Heartily recommended.
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I've had the LP for many years and agree it's a straight ahead blowing session.
I purchased this item over a year ago and find some songs work really well, (title track) while others do not(Now I have everything). By the way I wish If I were a rich Man were on this.

If you like jazz interpretations of broadway I highly reccommend Shelly Manne's My Fair Lady and Ella's Harold Arlen Songbook. You may want to try Oscar Peterson's West Side Story but I did not care for it.
I love the Shelly Manne as well, great suggestion. Ella is not my cup of tea, but I will look for the Peterson record, I love his "We Get Requests" album. Thanks for the guidance.