Cannonball Adderley's "Somethin Else"... Mono?

Been enjoying Cannonball's LP's lately and want to pick this one up. It comes in both Stereo or Mono. Which might be the better choice? Was it offered both ways when new? Which is the "real" version? I have a few Mono's from this era that sound awesome. Sonny Rollin's "Saxaphone Collosus" comes to mind. It really lit up the room last night. Explosive, dynamic, real, drum kit and horns in the room. Absolute analog Magic! I don't mind missing the imaging thing if the Mono is more exciting. Anyone have experience with these Lp's? Thanks in advance for any input
I bought the LP right after it came out. It belongs in the Jazz hall of fame. Sorry I can't help you in regard to mono or stereo.
While I can't speak to the specific albums you reference, I have become enough of a mono fan to have a separate tonearm and dedicated cartridge for my growing collection of mono jazz. One of the biggest upgrades to my system was the addition of a dedicated mono cartridge. When playing a pre-1970 mono LP, my (much more expensive) Dynavector XV1-S can't compete with the Miyajima Mono cartridge I'm using now.

I own original mono and stereo versions of a few albums and I find myself usually (often strongly) the mono versions. I now purposely seek out mono Impulse and Columbia "6 eyes". In fact my mono version of "Duke Ellington Meets Coleman Hawkins" (Impulse A-26) is among the best sounding LPs I have ever heard. Best of all, you can often pick up the mono version of a record for less than the stereo LP.
Hifiharv, What a coincidence, I have been enjoying Cannonball Adderley's "Somethin Else" too. I could listen to "Autumn Leaves" over and over.

My version is in separated sound which I like.
I think "Somethin Else" is right up there with "Kind of Blue".
I think personally for me, although I own an 'audiophile' reprint 180 g pressing in Stereo, I wish I had bought the mono now instead.. stereo in those days sometimes was a gimmicky one instrument on one side, drums all on the other side, and I don't care for that presentation., like some of the Beatles pieces.. would rather have the mono version instead.
My solution was to get the LP in mono and the CD in stereo. The LP sounds a bunch better but the CD has an extra track and lets you experience the gawdawful stereo mix :-)
Classic Records has both Mono and Stereo versions in 45 in their limited edition clarity vinyl. $50 each. If still available.

I'd buy em asap.
"I think "Somethin Else" is right up there with "Kind of Blue".

I remember when I 1st bought my vinyl copy at a stereo shop in Pittsburg, the owner said to me; "'Something Else' is like 'Kind Of Blue' Pt. II'. The fact is, it's really not. Similar in certain ways but musically, they're very different. Both very excellent, but different.
in addition to a stereo MFSL UDCD CD version and the recent excellent AP stereo SACD version, i have 2 Original Blue Note stereo pressings, a Classic Records stereo 33rpm reissue, a couple of the Classic Records single disc 45rpm stereo pressings of Autumn Leaves/Alison's Uncle, the AP Stereo 45rpm reissue, the Classic Records Mono Box (Clarity vinyl) as well as the Classic Records Stereo Box (Clarity vinyl).

as you can tell, i love this album.....but in particular i love the cut 'Autumn Leaves' and since the mid 90's it's maybe been my very favorite thing to play. yes, it has essenially the same group as KOB but the vibe is quite different. KOB was magical and spontanious. Somethin Else is the essential 'Autumn Leaves' and some other cuts.

anyway; i would rank these various viewpoints of the music as follows (i don't yet have a mono cartridge).

Classic Records 45rpm Stereo Box (Clarity vinyl)--best all around. Breathtaking. big and bold. energizes every molecule of the room. run out and buy this right the hell now!

Original Pressings--a touch more top end air and sparkle than any of the reissues but a little higher noise floor. very involving. Tonally slightly more nuanced.

Classic Records 45rpm Mono Box set (Clarity vinyl)--immediate and vivid. who knows with a mono cartridge?

Classic Records 45rpm single disc 'Autumn Leaves'--close to the Clarity vinyl but a touch more noise.

AP 45rpm pressing--a bit rounded and missing vividness compared to the Classic Records or Original Pressing. still wonderful. basically a Hoffman verses Hobson perspective. i almost always prefer Hobson.

Classic Reecords 33rpm reissue--still sealed, never listend to.

SACD--wonderful and highly recommended. a great SACD.

MFSL UDCD--very good, but not in the league of the SACD.
Mike is certainly right that one's preference for the Classic Clarity 45rpm stereo reissue or the Analogue Productions 45rpm reissue will largely depend on one's preference of mastering style: Bernie Grundman vs Steve Hoffman. The Classic is big and bold,the Analogue Productions more subtle and nuanced.

Three friends and I listened to both releases back to back and the audience was split: two preferring the Classic and two preferring the Analogue Productions. Those who preferred the Classic liked it's big, bold sound. Those who preferred the Analogue Productions preferred what they described as "more natural timbre" in the instruments, more like real instruments in the room, in the Analogue Productions versus "a more hi-fi presentation" in the Classic.

Both reissues are outstanding. Bring your sonic priorities to the dance in order to choose which will better suit you, or, like Mike, buy both and have two very different listening experiences available at your finger tips!