Candidates for tonearm cable for phantom arm

looking for good candidates for phono cable din to rca for phantom tonearm.
lets fire the list up.
Have narrowed some candidates:

silver audio silver breeze
analsis plus solo crystal

any other care to chime in ?

before i forget, do i need to right angle din to rca or just a straight rca to din.

the table is the tw raven one.
2nd the Nordost Tyr.......and Bob Graham himself likes it!
Not sure what your price range is, but the Graham cable is good and I personally love the Purist Venastas or Purist Proteus Provectus...
does one need a right angle din to rca or just straight din to rca would be fine ?
Depending on your specific application, either or .... it's your call.
Silver Audio Silver Breeze - it replaced the Hovland MG2 in my system. Not sure about the need for a right angle DIN with the Raven One. The Silver Breeze is fairly thick and stiff up to the break-out (those last few inches of cable to the DIN). Max Kreifeldt at Silver Audio will customize the breakout to allow for a custom fit.
I've used both (on my former SME arm with similar style connector as your Graham). I think given the angle of the connector on the Graham arm, I'd for for a 90 degree. However, some cables like the Purist you can for straight (they have both options) b/c of the flexible lead out cable.

Zenieth's answer is it to be honest.
thanks! which of the two would be more universal ? safer bet for future arm upgrades ? so one doesnt have to keep on buying them ?
I use the Stealth Hyperphono with my Phantom. Right angle DIN for me with my Sota Cosmos IV. I believe there is one for sale here on the Gon. How much you wanna spend is up to you. If $2000.00 is too rich for your blood, then i suggest the Silver Audio Breeze. Super cable that i used to have with my SME V. Sold it with the cable. Top shelf cable at a very reasonable price.

I can say that the Phantom is worthy of a Stealth.
thanks for the inputs.
my budget is around $1000 tops new or used.
I use a Stealth Hyperphono on my Raven/Phantom and feel it's excellent. If you are patient you should be able to get one at least close to your upper limit. Mine has a right angled DIN.

Hi, I'd seriously suggest the Purist Venastas (used). It's a killer cable and been discussed on several other threads.

Given it's flexible lead, stright or right angle din will work well for your arm...

Good luck
how do you describe the sound of the venustas phono cable ?
is it laidback like the interconnects ?