Canary Reference One Mono Blocks

Heard these amps and they sounded excellent. Anyone have these and if so, what did you upgrade from? How would you compare the canary's to the vac 300B tube equivalent.
I have the Canary CA-339's.
In my system, I preferred them to the VAC 30/30 Mk. III amp.
Remember, they cost about twice the price and are monoblocks. The VAC 30/30 is a stereo amp.
The Canary was not twice as good but, if it's any help. I kept the 339's and sold the Vac.
I have Reference One mono block, upgraded from CA339. For musicality, I prefer the 339 since it uses 274B as tube rectifier. I like the Reference simply the power, the three dimensionality (as HP made comment on Western Electric W97A, made by Canary), the sheer naturalness, finese and delicacy for the highs. Obviously, The finese comes out single-end 300B is better. But with 8x300B tubes per channel, it is hard to beat.
Well I'll chime in here even though I don't own the amps in question. I do, however, own the CA-160 monoblocks that Mr. Potis raved about in his review. They are fantastic amps and have been extremely reliable in the year that I have owned them. I think the Canary stuff is well worth the $$.

I almost bought a pair of the Canary Reference One but I've changed my mind and ordered myself a pair of their new Reference Two. I also had a chance to compare the Reference One side by side with the Wavac EC300B and the Jadis SE300B. The Jadis is nothing comparing to the other two. Both of the Wavac and the Canary are excellent amps but I preferred the Canary due to its endless power. Can't wait to receive my Reference Two since it is supposed to be better than the Reference One. Western Electric didn't make a mistake by choosing Canary to make their new amps.
Sjevo -
What is the Reference Two?
I though Canary agreed to not make a Reference model anymore since they make them for Western Electric.
They even removed any reference to the Reference from their website.
The Reference Two's are really quite different from its predecessor the Reference Ones. The input board has been modified changing the 6SL7 input tube's configuration. The power supply has also been updated making the overall noise floor lower, much lower. The output transformers also a wound a little different giving a much wider, deeper sound stage along with improved micro and general dynamics. I have heard both the Ref One's and Ref's Two and the latter simply blows away the Ref One's, and I thought the Ref Ones were unbeatable!

The Reference Two isn't available to the public. You'll have to be a repeat (VIP) customer or if you are upgrading your current Canary gears. You'll also have to deal with Canary directly to get the Reference Two.