Canary M-500 Monos- which 300B tube-

Guys just ordered the new black series M-500 from Canary that take 4 -300b per side- canary said they like the EH tube but wanted to get different opinions was thinking of the EML 300b XLS or the Sophia Royal Princess- any thought would be appreciated-
I have no experience with your Canary amp, but I am using the EML 300B XLS tubes in my SET 300B amp. To me, they were worth every penney.

You can spend more, but you can't go wrong with the XLS tubes.

There are several members that have, or have used, the Takatsuki, Royal Pricess, and the XLS tubes, and I'm sure their comments will follow.

I went from Chinese Mesh-Plates, which I thought were quite good, until the EML 300B XLS tubes took their place. No comparison.

Best of luck, regards,
I've used all three of the tubes you listed in my amplifier but have no experience with your Canary. The EML XLS and the Sophia RP are much superior to the EH 300b in my SET amplifier.The EH could be a better match in your particular push pull amplifier than it was with mine. The EH is also much less expensive and you'll need 4 pairs for your mono blocks.
I use the EH 300B in my Canary Ref 2- with 8 pairs the economy had to be considered. I like them quite a bit. I have no experience with the other tubes you mention.

Good Listening

I have a pair of the M500's. They are my favorite amps that I've ever had. What works really well with them are the Sophia carbon plate 300Bs. I also used a full set of EML 300B XLS which are also very good tubes but the Sophias have more lively sound and I like them better. Both of these choices are already around 600 a pair and you will need 4 pairs, so consider the cost. I think the tubes should last a good amount of time however because the bias is relatively conservative on the Canarys. I also had a VAC Renaissance 30/30 where I was trying these same tubes and it liked the EML better, although the VAC is harder on your 300B tubes.

Most likely the Royal Princess and the Takatsuki are probably going to be too costly to be worth it.
thanks guys- I contacted Canary they rec. the EH 300b-But it seems from what I read that they are not in the same league as the EML or SE= I was also told that the Sophia Electric do not Bias well with this amp for some reason and the Psvane also came highly recommended= thks
Keep in mind that EML makes a standard 300b, a mesh plate 300b and the XLS version 300b. I haven't heard the standard 300b but I understand that it is very good. I can personally vouch for the Mesh and XLS versions. The EML aren't inexpensive but their performance justifies the higher cost. The standard EML 300b could possibly be the best value of their choices when multiple pairs are needed as in your case.
Cfchew makes a good point, the preference for a given tube will vary with a particular amplifier. My Frankenstein SET sounds better with the EML compared to the non Royal Princess Sophia tubes, no comparison. This apparently is not the case with the Canary(different topology, circuit etc.).
I have the M500s since 2010 with the Sophia 300b Mesh. Excellent sound and no bias issue. If you are having bias issues, you should check if your voltage is fluctuating, particularly while trying to bias set.