Canary CD100 tube vs Cayin 17 tube

Anyone care to give these 2 excellent looking players a compare? The Cayin uses Philips trans and has 4 out tubes/2 per channel. The Canary uses Sony trans and Sony dac. Canary also boasts they use the Hovland Music caps and other fine components. From looking at the guts of both, the Canary looks more impressive with those gorgeous Hovland. But the Cayin gives 2 tubes per channel. hummm could be a very interesting contest. Both are priced close, the Cayin you'll have to get used if you what it at the price of a new Canary/$1400. A new Cayin is $1600, but comming down. Another important issue among many members here is that Canary is made in USA in California. I'd like to get a canary and do a commpare with my 17. And end up selling one/or keeping both. One for a second system.
But that will have to wait as i am unemployed right now.
Any Canary CD100 owners wish to share their experience? I've alreday posted comments on the Cayin 17 recently.
I'd like to keep the compare between these 2 tube players as the price point is close. Both are hefty units at 50 lbs.
I believe the Canary is made in china, got a Pm from a member in Hong Kong. I had an idea the Canary was made in china, but the site does not say,
Anyone heard the unit? Or is it too new, no one owns it yet?
Ck out those nice BIG Hovland Music caps in the Canary. makes you druel now doesn't it :-)
I;m thinging now, whereas the cayin gives one extra tube per channel, that might not be enough to match the Canary's Hovland Music caps. IOW you trade off 2 little tubes for 4 large caps, and 2 small ones. The Canary will mostly sing more beautifully than my Cayin. Now it comes down to which dac/trans is the finer of the 2, the Philips vs the Sony. Or did someone tell me the other day its the same company.?
The list price of the Canary is $2795 not $1400. It is made in California not China. Canary and Cayin are separate companies. There is no sonic correlation between the number of tubes per channel and the capacitors used.

You need to do a little homework before posting.
I see a Canary CD100 @ $1400 from a seller here. Where am i wrong. Also someone from China just told me the unit is designed/made in china. I am basing it on that statement. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
Your last comment "there is no....the caps used" , makes no sense to me, please explain further if you'd be so kind.
I inferred from your opening post that you thought the retail price of the Canary is $1400. The wording is unclear to me. Apologies if I misunderstood.

You "heard" the Canary is made in China? Made in the USA according to the website.

I'm sorry if my statement regarding number of caps and tubes makes no sense to you. Suffice it to say that drawing a comparison between 2 cd players based on number of capacitors and tubes is disingenuous.

Good luck in whichever you choose. There are many other choices in your price range to consider.

PS The Canary's remote options suck. It has very few functions. Check out the 6moons review.

Hi audiofeil, thanks for clarifying with the info. I didn't expect many comments on the Canary as it is new model. The remote from the photo does have a 'cheap" appearance to it. Unlike the Cayin remote which is 1st class. I never use a remote though. Good to know its made in the USA.
I brought up the tube and cap differences more to point to tech aspects, and agree may have zero bearing on sound quality. I will say I prefer tube players vs ss, everytime. The caps in the Cayin look like toys compared to the Hovlands. But as you say it may hvae absoluetly no bearing on music outcome.
The list/retail price thing I find very confusing. When I bought my Jadis from Northstar/USA dealer, he always had to make a calculation, Pierre does the "discount" calculation also. I just don't get it. I guess its for accounting purooses. Just tell me the retail price, I could care less what the "list" ?? price is.
So is $1400 correct?
What I was trying to also say is that the 2 units are close (equal) in price. Both are tube. Thus the comaprare. The chinese guy also told me "in that price range you can do better" and he mentioned a name I don't like. I prefer tubes and thats what this topic is about. Tube players under $2K.
I'll look at the 6mons review. I thought their review of the Cayin A88 was SUPER and the best review I've read on any eqip, ever. Really surprised me the style and method of review.
Audiofeil can you help direct me to the 6moons review of the CanaryCD100. I can't seem to find it
What 6moons review on the Canary CD100? They had it in previews for some time then it dropped off w/out a review. Next thing I see is one for sale by a Canary dealer as a "demo" for $1400 and I did a little fanciful reading between the lines.
AFAIK the terms retail and list mean the same thing. Somebody correct me if I have it wrong. If we agree on that the Canary retail is $2795.

Regarding 6moons review, the initial player sent for review was faulty. A replacement was never submitted and the "current preview" was pulled.
Well what are we to make of the story? Is there a Canary cdp or not? I only 1 dealer listing(retail/his price/whatever) @ 1400.
Yes I see the site says , manufactured in USA.
Audiofeil's comment that Canary sent 6moons a faulty unit for the review. Sounds like another american lab's story on their cdp. A famous lab btw. So don't anyone knock chinese as 'trash'. Also the unit broke 2X's in first 3 months. Had to ship it twice for repairs. Besides i really feel my Cayin 17 matches or surpasses this famous american labs tube player.
My 2 cents, take it for what its worth.
So will Canary send me a unit for review or not?
Audiofeil: "There are other cdp in this under 1500 price range to consider". Yeah, like which one? Comapred to the Cayin 17? I pd 1200. Which cdp will match the Cayin 17 under 2K, heck I'll throw in another 1K for you to spend, so make that under 3K?
I had the Canary CD100 for a couple of months, and
never did like the sound compared to my AN 2.1x. Now have the Cayin 17 and it smokes the Canary cdp and is better
than my AN. I can't believe it only retails for $1700.
Hi Jtucker, tyes my Cayin 17 is a really fine player offering 2 tubes per channel. I have not upgraded the tubes as i am not sure which tubes to buy in order to get better sound. I posted a topic in the tweak section but have not acted on any of the suggestions. I'm staying with the original tubes for now. I think its the best bang for the buck in cdp's.
Howver now that I've taken a good hard look at the Consonance player called Droplet, this will be my next cdp. Offers 2 tubes of a larger variety and the innerards look better than the Cayin 17's. Take a look at the Droplets guts. Really sweet. Click on one of the used listings for a photo of the guts.
btw I pd $1K for the 17 from a audiogon member located in Hong Kong. Last yr. I plan to get the Consonance used for around $1800. I think its the best bang for the buck. Of course its twice+ the price of the Cayin.
The Consonance/Droplet seller called Clearsound offers aphoto of the guts. 2 very nice looking tubes. I'm expecting the sound to about "as damn good as it gets".
Thus will retire the outstanding 17 to a second system.