Canary Ca339 driving Martin Logan Vantage

Anybody have any experience with these with these amps?
Customer support from the factory is extremely important when choosing a component.

I get great personal customer service from canary.
Great company that is for sure. I don't have any of their amps yet but if they are anything like their preamps the're very good. I have their top preamp the C900 and it is one of the better preamps out there. But more than that the company is solid with the upmost integrity. They stand behind their products like no company I've ever seen. Customer service is the best, they will do what ever it takes to ensure customer satisfaction, what ever it takes. I also use the Martin Logan speakers.
They will not drive Martin logans. They will clip very early and will distort very annoyingly. Been there done that. CA309 on SL3s, and CA301 with Aerius I.
Looks like in another post you said you have Canary CA160 driving Martin Logans....hmmmmm...