Canary CA-770

Wondering if anyone has heard this amp and can comment on how it sounded! Also if anyone can comment on Canary's overall build and the company itself. I know that they have issues with customer service! They have only one US ditributor now and he deals with all customer service issues.

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All products must have strong support from the factory.

Anything less is unacceptable.
I sent a PM
I have used Canary Pre and power amp for over 10 years now, from their CA 803 through CA903 to power amp 339 to Reference model, it all goes well. The sound is honest with no sonic character of its own. They have good review from 6-moon magazine on 339 power amp. HP also did a couple of short writings on Western Electric WE93 power amp (Canary made for WE/Charles). I have no doubt about built quality and sound. Tube circuit usually have simple design and quite reliable, unless abuse or poor modification will result in potential problem.

It is hard to make comment on customer service, it all depends which dealer you dealing with and the situation at that time of dispute.
Thanks Samleung,

Apparently Most of Canary's owners and business are from Asia and Europe. I would have thought being a US company and US made product there would be more info and feedback in regards to thier products. With no local dealer and only one dealer in the entire US and not much feedback from other Goner's I think I should look elsware!!!!!!!!!! I would think there would be @ least one person who can comment on this amp. It looks too well made for it to go unoticed.
I have not heard the CA-770.
I am, however, a more than satisfied American owner of a couple of Canary amps, namely, the CA-301MKII, sold to me by Bill Feil whose Audiogon moniker is Audiofeil, as well as CA-339's, which I currently own (sold the CA-301 to upgrade and get more power from the CA-339's). The amps are built incredibly well and sound phenomenal.
I recommend them highly. I am sure Mr. Feil has told you of their less than reliable customer service wjhen you privately emailed him. He used to be a dealer for them and did not have a good experience with them. I don't blame him for not being happy with how they run their company. However, any time I have had a question or needed service I have, with a little bit of effort, been able to speak with them and get exactly what I needed. If you can pick up the CA-770 for a good price, I would not hesitate to buy it. I think you would be very very impressed by its build and sound quality if the amps that I own (owned) are any judge.
From all the high-end gear I had before Canary are among the most reliable if not the most one.
Thanks to everyone who has responded! I do appreciate your input.