Canary ca-160 or ConradJohnson premier 12

I actually have a rogue cronus, proac d15, YBA cd1 and i'm considering changing the amplification, i have been proposed Conrad Johnson premier 12 mono and Canary ca-160, both have the same output 140W, i already listened to the CJ with 6550 output tubes, very good sound. I need help since they are at the same price and both have very good reviews. In the same time somebody can give me good advice for a tube preamp that will be a good match for these beasts. My budget is in the area of 2500.00
Thanks, Robert, Montreal, Canada
I haven't heard the Premier 12s, but did own the Premier 140 and now own the CA-160s. I would say the Canary amps are better in every regard than the CJ. The Canary amps are well suited for a passive device, while the CJs will probably fare better with an active pre. I am using a Sonic Euphoria PLC with the CA-160s and this is a wonderful match.

If you can get a CJ Premier 12 for $2500, that would bge my direction.
Disclosure: I have a Canary CA-160 listed for sale.

Now having said that, I recently popped a set of KT-77s into the CA-160s and that took ths amp to a whole new level. The high & mids are cleaner and bass more emphatic.

I may consider keeping this amp based on this. A few years back I owned the CJ 11 and this does not even come close to the CA-160. I can not comment on the CJ12, but he CA-160 is a fine amp with or without the KT-77s, I however loved it more with it.

Hope this helps.