Canary ca-160 monoblocks - opinions please


I'm considering Canary ca-160 tube monoblocks. I'll appreciate your opinions and if you please refer also to the ability to drive 87db speakers with authority and dynamics (my speakers are Penaudio serenade),can they be also punchy as a solid state amp and did you audition them against other tube or hybrid monos such as Lamm or VTL.
Thanks for all repliers.
My Canary CA-160 monoblocks have been modded by RHB Soundezign. They drive my Magnepan 1.7's magnificently. Excellent sound...
The CA-160 monoblocks are very good sounding amps. In the past I have recommended them highly. However, last year one of mine had a transformer destroyed by a runaway tube. The fuse didn't save it. When I questioned Canary about why this happened, I didn't get any definitive answers. And I didn't get a warm fuzzy that it wouldn't happen again. I sold them the remaining amp (cost was 1300.00 to repair the damaged amp) and moved on. I have since bought a VTL ST-150 that I think sounds even better.

So bottom line, good sonics but poor reliability. And customer service is lacking too. It took me six weeks and many emails and phone calls to get the check for the other amp. Not very responsive at all. Buy at your own risk.

I had a Canary amp and loved it though for only a few months then I sold it as I was experimenting with stuff,good luck,B
Manufacturer's support and customer service are very important factors IMO.

Caveat emptor.
I've got old VTL amps (MB-185 signature) Zero problems, hold bias, sound great and quiet through the years. They drive speakers that are less efficient than yours. 85db Harberth M40.1.
Have never heard the Canary amps.