Canary Audio CA-100 or BAT VK-300 for callistos?

after readying many reviews i've decided on this two, can someone who's herd this two amps share their thoughts on which might be a better match for the callistos
If you're undecided and both will satisfy, always go with the company offering the best customer service and tech assistance.
Have you listened to both, Morgoth? Having owned products from both companies If feel like the canary amp will be the winner sonically. While I do agree that Victor and the gang offer stellar customer service, I was happy with canary in this respect as well.

Shakey: thanks for your help, will pick up the Canary today.
You certainly made the right decision. I have had a few Canary amps before and I now own a pair of their CA-339. My Cousin also has a CA-100 and according to him, the Canary blown away the Cary V12R that he used to have. I agree that customer service is an important issue and Canary always provides timely response whenever I needed their assistance.
What about tube rolling should i keep the supplied ones or can you recommend other options .
You should first try the stock tubes and see how you like them. If you really want to upgrade, then you should go for the EI 6CA7 or the Mullard EL34 but they are very hard to get.
Sjevo, i bought the amp used, it sounds fine but the tubes are at least a couple years old, since i'm replacing them anyway might as well buy the better ones, now how will the sound on the amp improve with this tubes respectively, thanks again
I am using Valve Art EL34Bs in my CA-160 monblocks. I also have a set of EH 6CA7s, but prefer the VA tubes.