Canary Audio

Hello friends just ordered the new canary M600 monos and C1800 pre has anyone have any opinion how the canary sound.
Hey jasbirnandra,

Congrats!  I have reviewed three of their pieces and found them to be extremely well built and excellent music makers. 

I think their gear is great from what I've heard. Wish I could afford the big 300b amps. It is also made very well when you look inside.  
I own a Canary CA306, there 24 watt stereo push pull 300B tube amp and really like it. Bought the unit new and it took a long time to break in, it's not my main amp but my backup amp replacing a Pass XA30.5 for that job. Enjoy the music.
I recently purchased the Canary 350 mono blocks.  I have had many amps and integrated one the last fifty years from Bat to Conrad Johnson to Pathi.  I would have to say that the Canarys are about the best I've owned.  I've also recently purchased Nat mono blocks for one fo my systems, and I would have tis ay the Canarys are a shade better.  I would highly recommend their line.    
Thanks guys what DAC would recommend with the pre power
Is it not prudent to ask for opinions on a a product before your buy?