Canary Audio

Looking for opinions and experiences regarding Canary Audio products.
They dont seem to get much mention or press. I assume they have a following in the overseas market.
They are extremely well built and sound very good too, have had several of them through here over the years.

***Im listing a few Canary items, so a dealer disclaimer is warranted***

Good Listening

I just sold my Canary CA306 to a dealer in Canada, ran it twice on Audiogon before getting a nibble. It was very well built and was a monster when it came to powering my Sophias. The sound though was not my cup of tea, seemed to be rolled off at the extremes, preferred my VTL MB125s, don't know if it was the 300 b tubes, push pull or the combo of the two.
What Canary amp you are looking for?
I have been using their pre and power amp for years.
I have Reference Two power amp now.
The Reference Two is no comparison to the Reference One. More power, very good control base with weight (linked to Coincident Total Victory speaker). Soundstage is wide and deep and good separation. The Reference One was sweeter in the strings, Reference Two is analytical.
Hi, can i ask you how long is 300B needed to retube, like after how many hours.
What is the big different between Ref. one and two, i think you are the best guy to answer. I am afraid it might not have enough power to play loud on my Hansen Emperor 87db, 6 ohms.