Canary Audio...

I borrowed a Canary CA301 MK2 for in an home audition.. It has 4 western electic 300B installed and it sounds better than my conrad johnson Premier 11A in almost every aspect except the bass (which happens to be 11A's weakness too.) Granted, the WE 300B are way expensive (and arguably superior) than the svetlana KT88 on my 11A...

Apparently Canary is not a popular brand name and I cannot even find many reviews online... I have about a week to decide if I want to keep the CA301. Please share if you own or have any expeience...

Also, I wonder how it compares to CA309 which features double the power...


My other components:
Pre: CJ 17LS
Speaker: VA beethoven.
Hi Hklai,

I have the Canary CA-330s paired up with Conincident's Total Eclipse. My preamp is a BAT VK-30SE. My source is a Clearaudio Champion II turntable. In this system, the sound is so natural and unfatiguing. The sound is effortless with good extension at both ends. I've had my CA-330s for 18 months now, and it's been a delight. Before this I had a B&W 805N coupled with an ARC VT-100 Mk II.

Sorry but I have no experience with the 301s.
Hope this helps.

have you tried the canary on your vienna acoustics? i cant help thinking that 1.the cj is more capatible might try different tubes to improve the sound and 3.the cj will drive a wide variety of speakers and 5 years down the road a premiere 11 will still be considered a classic
Arthur Salvatore covers Canary (favorably) on his website>recommended components. As I recall, he or some associates made a direct comparison between it and several other amps of that type.
Thanks for your replies Chotdavid and Jaybo. And Jaybo, yes I have already tried the Canary on my VA.

I realize that the Canary seems to have a higher amplification. Without changing the volumne control, Canary in fact plays louder than CJ. It gave me wrong initial impression that Canary features fuller body and better dynamic.

In order to compensate the difference in loudness, I have to adjust the volumne whenever I switch the amp (roughly a 3db difference).

The most significant different I can tell now is the midrange. Canary (or the 300B tubes) got more magical midrange to a point that vocal does not sound very realistic... at least I have never heard a real person sings to that degree of sweetness. =)

I will do more listening in the next couple days but quite likely I'm going to hang on to my 11A for a while longer.

I have the 309s but in stock form they are not nearly as good as the 339s. I also briefly owned a 301 years back.
The 301s simply dont have enough power to drive anything under 92dB/Watt IMO.

After pulling out all the Multicaps from the 309s and replacing them with Hovland Musicaps which are used in the 339 I think
in terms of liquidity they are right there with the best.
Bass is still twangy driving my Avalon Eidolons but they definitely have enough dynamics and ability to play Chopin Scherzos to neighbor-complaining levels with no smear or breakup. The 309s can also drive my Quad 989 very nicely.

I still like my main reference which is the VAC Phi 70 better but the VACs don't like TJ FullMusic 300Bs while the canarys really sing with them.
Whether your system sounds good with any Canary amp depends on the efficiency of the speakers, and what kind of music you enjoy most.
(Carmina Burana and Firebird need not apply)
An important consideration in any component purchase is factory support and service.

This is true for both offshore and domestic companies.