Does anyone have experience with Canary CA-430 ? Or for that matter with Canary in general? I can't find much info. All I know is that they are made in the U.S. and one review of there amps was positive.

Any info would be helpful.

Hi Enobenetto,

Take a look at my review on the Canary Audio reference DSD Tube based DAC at for some facts regarding this company. There tube based amplifiers and preamps are very well built and are terrific performers.
Canary gear is very well made and sound great too, have several of their pieces and have sold many of them. Highly recommended. I have a CA 430MK2 which I outfitted with NOS Telefunken tubes, superbly sounding.

Good Listening

Thanks Teajay and Peter! I appreciate the information and endorsement. I will check out the review that you have written Teajay. I like that they are built in California, support my home state. They seem to be very well made from the little that I know, and Peter you would know what "well made" means.

Thanks again