Canare star quads?

is anybody familiar with these speakers cables? i have a pair of b&w 605s2 and a NAD T770 receiver and was wondering if these would be a good match. any thoughts are appreciated? thanks in advance.
I bought a 300 meter spool of 4s11 and heve used it extensively in my HT and one of my stereo set -ups. Terminated them myself, biwired the B&Ws and then I started trying Cable Co. stuff in the $500 to $1000 range. I am happy to say that so far, of 6 sets I have tried, only the Oval 9s are as good. The canare are much cheaper of course, but you do have to do a little work. Obviously your experience may vary. When I started out with that spool I was just playing around, trying to learn.... I did not really expect the results to be so satisfying. Have fun!
Where is my spell checker?
This has basically been my experience too. I have tried
others and it is a very good value. It seems to be transparent and neutral and that is a good sign. I think a
person could obviously spend a lot more for fancier, and packaging, name, etc, and really not gain anything.
I think one must be very careful to not step in the foo-foo.
great, thanks for the responses. i hate to even spend a little money without getting some opinions from those who have come before.
Several years back one of the writers in Stereophile used this cable as his reference. His claim was that when comparing the price/performance it could not be beaten. Unfortunately, I do not remember the writer or even the approximate time frame for the comments. I do know that it was probably early to mid nineties when the comments appeared. Cheers, Doug