Canare Star Quad 4S11 too Mid-Fi?

I'm upgrading my system to include Von Schweikert VR4 SE's driven by a Bryston 14B SST, First Sound Presence Deluxe II preamp with an Empirical Audio modded EMC 1-UP CD player. My present "no-name" speaker cable is a 25 foot in-wall installation (where any replacement cable must also be run). I know I should upgrade my cable, but the length required translates to big bucks for high end cables, not to mention the need to keep the cabling to a manageable diameter for the in-wall installation. I've read some posts from Audiogon member Subaruguru mentioning Canare Star Quad 4S11 as a very good economical cable used by recording studios. Anyone have experience with this cable? Any other suggestions?
There is currently a deragatory thread on on the Star Quad cable. I disagree.

I have a 15 foot run of Star Quad (Bettercable?) that I am very pleased with. Smooth (not dull) crisp but not harsh.

Sounds great to me at a reasonable price.
Thanks, Zorpman. I'll take a look at the AudioAsylum thread. Is your cable Star Quad or Bettercable? It's not clear to me from your post which you have. At $.69 per foot, Canare 4S11 seems like a relatively inexpensive experiment.
I'm in agreement with Zorpman. I have a 12' run in my second system and they have bettered all the zip-types,plus a few name brands I won't mention. The derogatory comment in the cable asylum was mentioned, I believe, by the infamous J. Risch, of DIY cable fame.He stated( in so many words) that the Canare was not much better than zip cord.I am in the process of evaluating one of Mr. Risch's famous designs and will compare the two. It is sad that a lot of "garage-type" cable sellers will take the Canare 4s11 cables and dress them up a bit and sell them for double or more of what you can get them for from a distributor, but even then, I still feel that they are a good bargain. For the price, it is worth an evaluation.Even if they don't meet your listening requirements, you won't have to take a great loss. It is a large guage cable, so make sure you know what you are doing if you DIY some connectors on them. Have some fun and enjoy.
Sherod or Zorpman, thanks again for your replies. What's the diameter of the 4S11?
The Canare 4S11 is a good cable if terminated as manufacture specifies. Don't be afraid to use a good quality spade with this cable. The copper WBT spade is an excellent match.

Alan Maher
To Alan:
I just bought some Canare speaker cables to experiment with. What is the recommanded termination method from Canare?
Hi Tvad,
I'm not sure STUDIOS use this stuff, but recording engineers and roadies use it all the time for monitoring, as it's easy to work with and sounds great. I too have an EMC-1 SE, but probably will NOT blow another $1400 to have it tweaked by Empirical. Nonetheless it has such exquisitely natural top octave detail that I heard an improvement in going from Red Dawn to SPM on my Verity Audio Parsifal Encores. Yes, yes, I realize that 25' is a longish run, as I have 30 footers on my HT system surrounds, but there's a difference between applications here that makes me think twice about your options. Certainly you want enough copper to push the VR4 SEs from 25', with NO loss in rez or top octave detail provided by the EMC-1. Try the Canare, but I suspect that other high-current LINEAR cables MIGHT give you more life up top.
I very highly recommend the CANARE for budget systems, all HT, and for long runs for surrounds in any system. If you try it as an inexpensive first shot I suggest that you'll find it RELATIVELY very dynamic, but slightly softer on top than the most open, linear (Nordost, et al) cables, resulting in a neutral-to-laidback soundstage. It's indeed perfect for my Spendors in a HT setup, where most programming is too bright anyway, but with your (and my) 2 channel ref system just keep in mind its limitations. When I'm setting up friends' budget systems I start with it, then try Blue Heaven when more "life" is desired, but NOT at 25 feet. Keep in touch. Ern
Thanks for your thoughts. I am installing the Canare today, and will be receiving my modified EMC 1-UP next week, so I'll report back later with my impressions of the sound. A little softening of the top might not be a bad thing to my ears. Any specific suggestions for high-currnet, linear cables for my 30 foot run? You have mentioned Blue Heaven, but not for 30 feet.
I'm sure others have much more experience with other suggestions. Who knows, maybe the Canare WILL be good enough!
FWIW, a number of studios, at least the independants that I am aware of, use Canare and Mogami cabling extensively, for everything from mic cables to interconnects, to speaker cables (though most use primarily powered monitors, so not much speaker cabling going on). Following advice which I received from several engineers, I have set up my home studio with mic/instrument/interconnect cables made using Canare or Mogami cabling and Neutrik terminators. I picked up my from Their prices are very competitive.

Hope this helps, Tom.
I now have the system complete:EMC 1-UP modified by Empirical Audio, First Sound Presence Deluxe II, Bryston 14B SST, Von Schweikert VR4 SE, MAS Black and HT Truthlink IC's. The VR4's are bi-wired. It's too early to do a definitive crtitique since the First Sound and VR4's are still in the break-in phase, but thus far the Canare StarQuad is performing marvelously with no loss up top. Bass is deep and tight. Soundstage is holographic at times with the proper CD (Roger Waters' "Amused to Death" for example). More later, but for now the 4S11 is working very well for my 30 foot installation.