Canare speaker cables: to change or not to change

I have Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand speakers and Primare I30 integrated amplifier. They are connected via canare 4S8 cables.
Many people here are impressed by Morrow Audio cables. What do you think: is it worth to change Canare 4S8 for MA SP-2 or SP-3 or not? Have anyone ever compared them?
From all reports I've heard, the Canare cables (especially Star Quad configured variants) are very good indeed. You would likely need to spend considerably more to hear an improvement. Many cables may sound different, not necessarily more accurate however...
I have tried both the canare and the morrow sp3's. While not an earthshattering difference, I did notice an improved soundstage and better midrange clarity with the sp3's. I think the morrow sp3's are very nice for the money. Mike morrow also has a 30 day money back gaurantee if you are not happy with them. You might also want to give clear day cables a try. I hear they are very good as well