Canare digiflex cbls- Which end is which

I got these cables to hook up my DVD player. There's no arrows to tell me which end goes to pre/pro and which to DVD player. I hope this is not a stupid question, please help.
I make and use this cable as a digital interconnect and I have found that by using the writing on the cable you should be able to read it going from your source to your DA. In other words it should look like this:------------------- Source>Canare LV61-Canare LV61->DtoA. However, you should experiment by using your own ears.
I agree with the previous comment. I have talked to canare reps though & they say their cables are non-directional, hence no arrows. hifigy
If you look at the center conductor strands of the Canare LV-61S coax cable you will notice it has a clockwise spiral twist, at either end. It is not a directional cable, BUT some of my customers report as the other posters state; reading from left to right connect the cable output to input makes a difference. When I terminate this cable with both a BNC and an RCA connector, I ask the customer which component has the BNC. The connector is then placed on the proper end following the read from left to right. Some people report hearing a difference with the solid core also and prefer it positioned as read from left to right.