Canare 4s11 or Anti-Cable/JW CryoNova

Looking for best budget speaker cable. I have heard different things re the three above. The canare will be spades on speaker side bananas on the amp side.

B&W 684s to B&K 125.2 to Peachtree Nova as dedicated preamp/dac
Canare 4S11
It's hard to beat Canare 4S11. I found nothing to complain about when I was using them.
"Best" is in the eye/ear of the beholder. I've tried both and the Anti-Cable didn't do anything for me. I've had my DIY 4S11 in the mix for 2 years now and they aren't leaving anytime soon. At the very reasonable prices they go for, why not try both and hear for yourself?
Thanks for the feedback. Ultimately, I went off the map with some Belden 5T00UP 10 gauge from bluejean. I heard it on a buddies system and it sounded great + price is right. I guess we'll see! As Tpreaves noted, if I am unhappy, these cables are cheap enough where trial and error is an option!