Canare 4S11

I am taking delivery tomorrow of a 15 foot pair of Canare 4S11 cables which I will incorporate into my secondary system.  I do not expect much from them as I only paid $106.00 for the 15 foot pair with locking bananas on both ends from Ram Electronics.  I am putting these cables up against my Groneberg Quattro Reference cables that go for $25.00 a foot plus termination.  I am hoping for the best but am not expecting too much.  We shall see.  I will report on what I hear after the 200hr break in as that is what I am being told it takes to break them in.
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IMHO it is a good solid sounding speaker cable. 
I have both the 4S11 and 4S8 cables and both are very good sounding, flexible and well made. I have considerably more expensive Analysis Plus cables in my main system and they may be a bit better but I think you'll be surprised at the Canare. There's a reason it's used widely in recording studios.

I agree that Canare can provide excellent sonics as long as you have good components. They provide a faithful presentation of recorded music. 
If not performing up to expectations, break them in longer than the specified period.

Canare does nothing wrong. Very good cable for the money. I find it has a nice, maybe a little warmish presentation. Maybe doesn’t have the extended top end of better cables but it gets the job done nicely. I think once you get some hours on your new cables you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Definitely let us know what you think.
I actually just put these Canare’s back into my system due to the previous cables sounding a little too thin and a bit bright for my lively room. They may not have the extended top end, but that’s actually what I’m trying to get away from. 
Full and definitely on the warmish end of the spectrum as others have already mentioned.
My present speaker cables are a bit too warm and I didn't want a cable that is too highly detailed.  I hope like Goldilocks says, they are just right.
Another good one that doesn't break the bank is the Furez FZ124AS 12-4 Advanced In-Wall Rated Speaker Cable.  It is a quad of 12 awg cables that when cross-connected in a star-quad configuration yields 9 awg to each polarity.  You could use them as an internal bi-wired pair but I would personally use two separate runs to each speaker for bi-wiring.  Features include a rope lay construction using both 27 awg and 36 awg, 4-nines, OFC wires, and  foamed polyethylene insulation (FPE) that you don't usually see in budget cables.  Check the link....just over $1/foot!

I received the speaker cables early this afternoon.  I must say, the fit and finish of the custom built cables are off the charts.  It is as good as any of the high end companies that charge megabucks for their cables.  I hooked them up and let them play while I was out.   I just got back (2 1/2 hours later) and I am quite surprised as what I am hearing.  At initial turn on, the sound was very bassy, highs weren't that pronounced.  Now they sound much better after only a couple of hours and I am enjoying the sound.  I won't pick these cables apart until I have a couple of hundred hours on them but so far, I like what I am hearing.
I was turned on to these a few years ago by an ultra high-end speaker manufacturer friend of mine.

I have used them ever since as my reference cables. They do indeed take forever to break-in, but once done, they are spectacular.
@stereo5  "At initial turn on, the sound was very bassy, highs weren't that pronounced."

The bass of 4S11 will taper off during break in, almost to the point of where the cable begins sounding a little to thin. At this point the 4S11 without a over pronounced midrange and lacking bass is where some people make the grave mistake of giving up on this wonderful cable. The bass eventually comes  back sounding extremely solid and positioned correctly in back of sound image but it does takes time.  When dielectric is fully burned in the highs will be perfect/garbage in-garbage out, no midrange bloom present, with solid non woolly bass. Once broke in completely the 4S11 becomes excellent tool for evaluating other cables in system, a cable version of the famed Stanton 881S phono cartridge if you will...
With 31 hours on the cables, the sound hasn't really changed since after the first two hours.  So far,  I am smitten with these cables.
Good information from Jeffrey.

Stereo - maybe I missed it, but did you go through Blue Jeans for the 4S11?
I use the 4S11s in my secondary system. Bought bulk cable off Ebay and terminated myself. Ram Electronics looks like another good way to go. Makes for a good looking cable offering excellent performance for the price. 
At the 72 hour mark, I tried cranking the system a bit.  I put on The Dead Can Dance/Spiritchaser cd and listened to "Song Of The Stars".  This was a MFSL SACD.  The sound was better than I heard with my Groneberg Quattro Reference speaker cables.  The bass was deeper and the highs were crisp but not overdone.   When I checked the SPL meter (Radio Shack), I found I was pushing 98db SPL's.  That is way too loud for me but it showed there was no sense of strain coming from the speakers.  My Mac amp was showing 30-60 watts average (60w were the peaks).  I am pretty impressed right now but it still could change.  If this works out, I will buy a longer pair of these cables for my main system, probably a 25 foot pair.  I will break them in on the secondary system because I can run that system 24/7 at a decent volume as its on the second floor of our home.  Stay tuned, I will keep updating this.
At the 265 hour mark, I am still loving the 4S11 cables.  I have temporarily disconnected them to break in another 25 foot pair of 4S11 cables.  Once some playing time are on these, they will go into my main system and I will reconnect the previously broken in pair of 4S11 to my secondary system.  So far, I see no negatives.
Good to hear. You might be surprised how good the Canare Digital coax cable is with their own True 75 ohm RCA plugs or BNC if you equipment has that’s even better. Had one probably twenty years ago, well maybe not that many years ago but close I bet. No idea where it is but I just might have to pick one up again. I recall it was a very smooth cable but that was many years ago on old digital equipment so I might have to see how it fares against my Nordost Silver Shadow that probably cost 5-10x the price.
Thank you for taking the time to report on this.  It is refreshing to hear someone warrant the inexpensive cables based on sound quality.
This is the final report on the Canare 4S11 cables.  I let the 25 foot pair break in on my secondary system for almost 19 days 24/7.  At the 445 hour mark, I reinserted them into my main system.  I first removed the $1500.00 Groneberg Quattro Reference speaker cables and coiled them up under the floor in case I decided to go back to them. After my son helped me install the Canare cables (I had to make larger holes in the floor for the banana plugs to fit) and routing them perfectly, I am happy to say my system now sounds much better.  I no longer have the softness in highs I had with the Groneberg cable and the bass is tighter and deeper.  I was always under the impression that the higher the price, the better the cable.  The fact that a $130.00 pair of speaker cables bested a $1500.00 pair should be a lesson for everyone regarding price VS performance.    Now I have the Canare in both of my systems and I am one happy audiophile. 
@stereo5...I'm so glad you put in the time and effort on these! 

I've been touting this cable for years and years on here, but never had any luck because most people think because they are so inexpensive and/or require a long break-in period, they can't be any good.

Over the years, I've become friends with a couple of guys from Canare.  Even they don't know why they take so long to break-in, but if you're willing to put the time on them, they are richly rewarding.

I run mine in a shot-gun configuration and they are even better.  See this thread about how I do it.

@mofimadness ……………………….

You gave me so many great tips.    Thank you for giving me your experience with the cable.  My system(s) are sounding really good today. pleasure sir!  Glad to have helped.
@mofimadness  +1
Your posts, years ago, helped shape my decision to use the 4S11 and I have never looked back. I use a double barrel shotgun configuration and the cables have been put thru cryo process.
@jeffrey75...thanks for kind words. Glad you tried them!  They really are incredible.
Correction, I use two runs of 4S11 on each amp post utilizing both spade and banana input for each post in a 11 gauge form to take advantage of Star Quad geometry for EMI rejection. Shotgun biwire but there is four runs of cable to each 4S11 so not sure if this qualified it as a double shotgun configuration.