Canare 14-4 in a single long run?

This is a conventionally wired (not-biwired) set-up, running cable through the ceiling.

I would like to run a single length of the Canare 4S11, which has 4 conductors, and peel off 2 conductors for each speaker. Any reasons to run 2 separate lengths instead?

What about for long distances---say 100 feet... I've read 14-4 has an effective AWG of 11 but don't quite understand that.
Many thanks.
Two 14awg conductors connected together roughly equals one 11awg conductor.The 14awg will be fine for a 100ft run,but,if you use a sgl run of the 4S11,you will be stripping a lot of the outer sheathing off that will negate the "star quad"configuraion which is the reason for using it in the first place.Personally I would use one run for each speaker and wire them in the 11awg configuration.But that's just me.Visit the Canare website to get more info on the "star quad" configuration.Good luck.
Tpreaves, thanks for the info. I'm new to the cable discussion, so it's great to try to get to the bottom of this. If I understand you correctly, the quad configuration bundles the four 14awg conductors, amounting to essentially an 11awg cable. You do mention the drawback that in a single run of 14awg the sheathing would be stripped, but I would only be doing that at the speaker terminations, right? Where 2 conductors are peeled away to connect to the posts (and I would probably jacket those small lengths with Techflex or something).
Okay,let me put it another way.If you use one run of cable to each speaker two 14awg connected together will be equiv. to one 11awg,you have four 14awg which will be equiv. to two 11awg one pos and one neg. conductor,the "star quad" configuration will stay intact.If you only use one run of cable for both speakers, you will have to strip the casing at the first speaker and remove two conductors for that speaker then you have to run the other two conductors to the other speaker.When you unbundle the four conductors, you have essentially negated the "star quad" configuration.If this doesn't matter to you,that's fine but there are many less expensive 4/14 cables available at lots of places.Below is a link to Parts Express,to give you an idea.Good luck.
Clearer, thanks. Isn't it the case though that if one unbundles 10 feet of wire for connections, the star quad configuration remains intact for the bulk of the run, providing its particular benefits? Apologies if I am missing a crucial point here.
The "star quad" configuration has the advantage of reducing the EM field around the cable, which will tend to diminish the effect of the signal in the speaker cable upon nearby interconnects.With your speakers being so far away from your other equipment,I don't believe the last 10 or so feet unbundled will matter.Try to keep the amp end unbundled conductors(near your interconnects) as short as possible to retain the integrity of the "star quad" configuration.Use some decent spades or banana connectors or just use bare wire connections(I prefer connectors) and you will have a really good cable.You can dress them up with some heat shrink where you unbundle them.Good luck.