CANADIANS - Can we use the PS AUDIO Power Port AC

I have read the PS Audio site and can this Power Port AC receptacle be used on 15 and 20 amp outlets in Canada?
Is it legal over here in Canada to used this receptacles?
Our designs are pretty similar to the AC guide lines of the US.

I dont wish to void my insurance or introduce any other issues, truly appreciate your input.
Hello Ravi i use a PS AUDIO PC 200 HUMBUSTER with succes and i am located in Montreal ......
Thanks Rocc but for the info, this is a little different since I am talking about removing my existing receptacles from the wall and changing it into this 15/20amp receptacle. If anyone knows if its ok to do this, please do let me know since my Electrician is asking me questions as to who is the PS Audio guy.... he said see this blue tag on the back of my Hubble outlet I have, that says we are ok to use it since its under the code regulations. He told me to find out more just as a saftey.
The ones I have used [FIM] are better made than hospital grade ones I was using and far better made than standard ones. Most houses use the bare minimum, my existing wiring, in a 14 year old house, is not nearly as good as the two dedicated lines I had installed. I installed mine myself, it is quite easy but don't do it if you have ANY doubts. I found out what the average electrician knows about hi fi when I got my first system in the early 60s. I doubted my ability to hook it up so I paid an electrician to come over and do it, he had no clue so I ended up hooking it up myself with him standing there watching me. Needless to say he charged me anyway.
Your best bet is to contact PS Audio to see if their receptacles meet Canadian code. I would assume so since they are marketed to Canadians and that their power plants meet Canadian standards.
Hey Rapogee, if the product is stated to meet code thats just words. The product itself must clearly me marked itself with CSA standards somewhere on the back or the face of the metal mounting plate and meet UL standards. Any electrical item no matter where its made if sold for use in Canada should have it. Any stereo peice you buy made from anywhere in the world you may own, if you bought it from a distributor or dealer here in Canada its always clearly marked on the back it meets CSA standards and is UL listed. You bring up a very interesting and probably overlooked question. I would suspect the outlet itself they use meets standard, however what they add to the design and the small windings and so on may or may not. I would thoroughly check this out as the electrician is not wanting to install something he would be culpable for and you don,t either if in the slim but possible chance of insurance problems. We all can agree if there is an out the insurance company would always find a way to not pay. I would be surprised if the Power Port did not meet code but the differance in knowing for sure and guessing can be costly. They do make quality stuff and have been around and selling in Canada for sometime. Contact them directly at the very least. Cheers
Thanks Has2be,

Thats exactly my point, I am aware of how good these things are, no explanation need but from a regulatory point of view...I dont wish to cripple myself in any way.
I can easily do this my self and let the Electrician sign my papers for me... but this guys I have is a good electrician. I trust him...and he said, its best to do it right from the start. My place is a brand new home, he checked the gauge wire first before even considering changing it. He just reminded if you dont go by full code regulations... Insurance companies love that when you get into trouble. I will call PS and find out more. There should be a lable that says we are good to go. Thats what I need. Thanks